you slowly light another cigarette
and explain how your life’s become a joke
some cosmic prank that you just don’t get
you don’t understand
you just sit and smoke
your future is lying in shreds all around you
can’t free the image
 though god knows you’ve tried
your at the mercy
of that which has found you
nothing could feel this void inside
the air hangs heavy with unspoken fear
you search for light
or you sure as hell try
i realize that through all of these years
this may be the first time I’ve seen you cry
your suddenly lost
and that’s why you came
searching for reason
and possibly blame

so you want to save the world,
by dancing around yourself.
instead you keep setting fires,
paper dolls never helped.
i once caught you singing,
among the hanging gardens,
but when you caught me peeking,
you tucked away your soul.

you say you own the universe,
but i know different,
mermaids told me.
and we both ran to the swings,
but you didn’t sit near mine.
you paint the moon the stars,
and the skies that shape the universe.
you were just a warm embrace,
growing cold to pass the time.


so telling huh?  it’s ok.  i’ll tell myself that i don’t care, that it’s nothing personal.  i’ll go take photographs of the cactus gardens and listen to the chatter of foreign insanity while freedom walks at my feet.  “hey boy, i really missed you”.